Student in a culinary arts training program
Being a professional chef could be a great career
Restaurants like to hire chefs who have formal training
Culinary arts training programs are short and concentrated
Complete your hands-on classes and get started working fast


Working as a chef might be pretty terrific, but is it right for you?

If you have always had a passion for cooking and preparing food, you could be surprised to understand how fast you could get started in a new career as a master chef.

So What is the Basic Career Training Like?
There isn’t only just a single route to follow to start out in the culinary arts.

Staff in a busy Virginia Beach restaurant kitchen area during lunchWhile many Virginia students join a four-year bachelor’s diploma program, a large number of students take part in a two-year degree or qualification program. The majority of these students finish their classes in less than two years, while some will likely take home their degree or credentials in certainly under one school year.

Many classic universities do not have a degree in culinary arts. Most participants end up training at a trade certification college or institution which is focused on the the culinary arts and hospitality management.

Virginia colleges or schools might provide classes in fundamental food preparation expertise, advanced chef techniques, desserts, Le Cordon Bleu guidance plus hospitality management.

A lot of these schools typically deliver classes during the day and also the early evening. Certain sessions are customary school room manner situation, but quite a few are skill-development courses offered in a version of restaurant-standard commercial food preparation spaces stocked with all the machines and gadgets found in working restaurants.

Students get just the actual distinct experience they need which will help plan for a career in the culinary or catering sector.

What Goes On Once I Graduate?
Putting the important details on a low-calorie lunch plate in Norfolk VAVirtually all schools, especially the independent culinary arts specialty schools, truly try hard at delivering vocation tools and assistance. If they fail to possess a really good record of positioning graduates in work opportunities, they would find it difficult to enroll new pupils.

As students realize hands-on experience operating in the school kitchen areas and campus cafe, the vast majority of enrollees get involved in an intern plan in a local restaurant.

Almost all graduates begin functioning as an entry level chef, dessert chef, caterer or baker someplace in the general restaurant, resort, cruise ship or event catering sector.

What is The Next Step?
Should you feel this could be a suitable career choice for you, your next action step is simply to review which school might fit best for you. This task is pretty effortless.

Find out more about cooking colleges near you.

Matching School Ads
  • Program areas include Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, and more
  • Students are taught cooking styles from around the globe, including Classical European, Asian, and Latin cuisine
  • Curriculum designed to prepare students for a career as a chef, with course topics that include Culinary Techniques, Management by Menu, and Nutrition
  • Alumni have appeared in reality competition shows such as Top Chef


  • Culinary Arts (D)
  • Culinary Arts (AS)
  • Baking & Pastry (AS)
  • And more...
Locations: Arlington
  • Gives students the opportunity to earn their associate‚Äôs degree in the culinary arts field in less than 15 months
  • Located in Norfolk and Newport News, Virginia.
  • Offers externship experiences to students for experience in the field.
  • Hosts regular career fairs for employer recruitment.
  • Has student housing available.


  • Applied Nutrition
  • Culinary Arts
  • Baking and Pastry Arts
  • And more...
Locations: Norfolk



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