Student in a culinary arts training program
Being a professional chef could be a great career
Restaurants like to hire chefs who have formal training
Culinary arts training programs are short and concentrated
Complete your hands-on classes and get started working fast


Do you think you have the interest and desire to become a great chef?

Folks who graduate from a good cooking training school will often begin their very first position pretty fast.

What is the Normal Training program Like?
There is not merely one road to go down to start in the culinary field.

Kitchen staff at a great New Orleans restaurant making dinnerWhile many Louisiana students enroll in a multi-year undergraduate degree program, a large percentage of aspiring cooks go to an associate degree or qualification training course. Nearly all students graduate in fewer than two years, and many will likely earn their degree or certification in well within one year.

Almost all classic colleges do not include a degree in culinary arts or cooking. The vast majority of students end up studying at a trade training college or institution that specializes in the the culinary arts and kitchen management.

One or two Louisiana institutions may offer classes in primary kitchen expertise, advanced chef techniques, pastry making and baking, kitchen operation training together with hospitality and restaurant administration.

Most of these schools generally provide classroom sessions during the day together with the early evening hours. Some classes are ordinary class room manner learning, but most are skill-development training provided in typical industry standard commercial food preparation spaces outfitted with all the apparatus and tools seen in actual restaurants.

Students are given only the real practical experience they have to have to get ready for that career in the culinary or hospitality field.

What Happens When I Graduate?
This young baking student is ready for anything at her LA restaurantMost schools, especially the commercial culinary specialty schools, really spend a lot of effort on offering vocation tools and assistance. If these schools don’t achieve a strong record of positioning former pupils in job opportunities, they would find it harder to recruit incoming enrollees.

Considering that pupils develop hands-on experience operating in the student kitchen areas and on-campus eatery, the majority of trainees start in an intern program with a nearby restaurant.

A large number of graduates set out working as an entry level chef, dessert chef, event caterer or baker somewhere in the broad restaurant, hotel, cruise ship or catering industry.

What’s The Next Step?
If you believe this could be a suitable job for you, the very first action step will be to look up which school would work well for your situation. This step is actually uncomplicated.

Look over good schools close to you.

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