Student in a culinary arts training program
Being a professional chef could be a great career
Restaurants like to hire chefs who have formal training
Culinary arts training programs are short and concentrated
Complete your hands-on classes and get started working fast


Have you always loved to cook?

One of the top advantages of the culinary arts discipline is that a student can get going in it quickly.

So What is the Normal Training Like?
There isn’t merely one route to go down to get started in the chef field.

Atlanta GA kitchen staff at a great restaurant creating dinnerWhile many Georgia students join a four-year undergraduate education program, many aspiring cooks take a two-year diploma or qualification training course. A large percentage of students complete their training in under two years, while some can likely obtain their degree or certification in just within a school year.

Almost all classic universities do not feature a major in the culinary arts. Most individuals wind up training at a trade preparation college or institution that concentrates on the art and business of cooking.

Georgia institutions could offer training programs in essential cooking capabilities, advanced chef techniques, pastry making and baking, Le Cordon Bleu instruction along with restaurant or hospitality operations.

A lot of these schools will deliver courses during the day along with the early evening. Several classes are taught in ordinary classroom structure delivery, but a majority are skill-development classes delivered in typical industry-equipped commercial kitchens with all the gear and devices employed in working restaurants.

Students are given the genuine targeted experience they need to have that will help prepare for that career in the culinary arts or catering field.

What Occurs When I Graduate?
GA cooking class students fixing a meal as an examMost schools, particularly the independent culinary arts specialty schools, truly spend a lot of effort on featuring job tools and assistance. If they didn’t obtain a decent record of keeping graduates in job opportunities, they would eventually find it tough to attract new pupils.

Since pupils gain practical knowledge training in the student cooking areas and campus restaurant, a lot of pupils are involved in an internship package at a nearby restaurant.

A good number of graduates focus on filling a position as an entry level cook, pastry cook, food caterer or baker someplace in the wide restaurant, vacation resort hotel, entertainment or catering industry.

What is The Next Move?
If you’re thinking this could be a decent profession for you, your next action step is simply to explore which local program might possibly fit best for you. This task is really simple.

Have a look at cooking colleges near you.

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  • Program areas include Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, and more
  • Students are taught cooking styles from around the globe, including Classical European, Asian, and Latin cuisine
  • Curriculum designed to prepare students for a career as a chef, with course topics that include Culinary Techniques, Management by Menu, and Nutrition
  • Alumni have appeared in reality competition shows such as Top Chef


  • Culinary Arts (D)
  • Culinary Arts (AS)
  • Baking & Pastry (AS)
  • And more...
Locations: Atlanta

Since 1977, Keiser University has maintained a practical, hands-on approach to career education to help our students achieve their personal and professional goals.  Our student-centered approach remains at the foundation of the Keiser University mission and continues to attract students who prefer a more personal learning experience. 


  • Associate of Science in Culinary Arts
  • Associate of Science in Baking and Pastry Arts
Locations: Tallahassee

Virginia College  continues the tradition ofgiving lives new direction, fulfilling our mission statement tostudents wherever they live and offering the chance to pursue adegree while maintaining commitments to work and family.


  • Certificate in Culinary Arts
  • Certificate in Pastry Arts
Locations: Savannah



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